Barrio Gótico

While I was in Barcelona, I was able to explore all the different parts of this unique city. One of my favorite parts was called the Barrio Gótico, or the Gothic Quarter. This section of the city has extremely old buildings-some from the middle ages, and all of the buildings and roads are made of stone. This little neighborhood is filled with bars, stores, and even a couple of museums. The Picasso Museum is located in the middle of the Barrio Gótico, and has a wide selection of Picasso’s work, although it has a heavy focus on his earlier paintings and sketches. There is also a mammoth museum and a sculpture museum in other parts of the quarter.

      The Barrio Gótico is also where you would find Barcelona’s Cathedral-which, unlike most people might think, isn’t the Sagrada Familia. The Catedral de Barcelona, on the other hand, is much older, and much smaller, but still incredibly beautiful. While no Cathedral may seem to have as much detail as la Sagrada Familia, the Catedral de Barcelona is still adorned with sculpted figures and decorations, and many intricate and gothic-style details.
     Although this part of the city is extremely old, it is extremely crowded. Tourists obviously love coming to this part of the city to admire the beautiful architecture, inside and out, and check out the museums. One of my favorite things to do while I was in Barcelona was to walk around the Barrio Gótico at night. Even during the later hours, there was still a crowd walking around, and often there would be people sitting watching street musicians, who took advantage of the incredible acoustics from the combination of the outdoors and stone walls.


Blogger: Hope Sholly


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