How to save money Abroad:

Study abroad can be pretty expensive. With the meals, shopping, and outside travel, the costs can really add up. Here are a few ways that I saved money during my time in Spain.

1) Transportation: Unless there was literally no other way to get home, I would either walk or use the metro. The best metro passes to get are the one-month passes, since you get unlimited rides. Also, I walked EVERYWHERE. More than being a great form of exercise, walking everywhere let me see the entire city. I only used taxis a handful of times, and honestly, you should only use them if you don’t feel safe walking home, or there is literally no other way to get to your destination.

2) Meals: Since I was at a home-stay, I had dinner provided for me, but had to get my own lunch and breakfast. I pretty much just lived on quesadillas, grapes, and chocolate croissants. Luckily, those things were extremely cheap in Barcelona. Buying groceries for food is the best way to save money, instead of going out to eat every day.

3) Bars/Clubs. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy drinks at clubs. One drink usually costs on average 16 euros, and depending how much you go out, that can add up really fast. Personally, I spent more time at bars than any clubs, but even going to bars has to be kept in moderation. Grocery stores are always the cheapest option, and usually, the way to go.

4) Travel: Inexpensive flights can be found pretty much everywhere in Europe, but the best rates, I’ve found are always from RyanAir. Though the rides can be rather…bumpy…they are completely safe and a great way to keep costs low. Also, AirBnB is the best way to find cheap places to stay when you’re off adventuring.

5) Free Days: Often, you can save a ton of money by finding out when museums are free. Usually in Europe, these are Sundays, but it’s always worth going on the museum’s website to figure out other special days that you can go without paying.

6) Souvenirs: I probably spent my last week looking for souvenirs, just because I was familiar with which places had the best things for the least amount of money.


Blogger: Hope Sholly


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