Upcoming Graduation:

As a senior who loves the Spanish language, but doesn’t necessarily want to be a teacher, graduation is an extremely exciting, yet daunting time in my life. Sure, I’m excited that I’m done with college, but more than ever, I’m confused about where I’m going with my life. I’m interested in a bunch of different things-Spanish, psychology, and art but I have no idea how to translate that into a job. I’ve realized, then, that the best choice for me would be some volunteer work in Latin America. Therefore, I’ve been looking at options that aren’t necessarily paid jobs, but places I get get more experience, and hopefully, the chance to blend all of the things I’m interested in before I settle down with a career.Some programs such as Americorps or the Peacecorps allow for a gap year with financial benefits. My father, however, found a program online that seems to be catered to all of my interests. There is a program in Guatemala that works with the community to create and exhibit their artwork. There is a strong  theme of peace and justice associated with this program. While I’m not sure exactly if I’m going to be doing this program, there are still a ton of other programs that are so simple to find if you just take the time to look. I think especially for my situation, a gap year in a Spanish-speaking country will be most helpful for me so that I can immerse myself in the language and figure out what I want. So to anyone else who is freaking out about graduating this year don’t worry. There are many options out there that don’t include ‘getting your perfect career right away.’ You just have to research and figure out what feels right for you.

Blogger: Hope Sholly


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